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This GhostBreakers site will undergo a major editing for a while.
The GhostBreakers after many years has realized it must head in a new direction. New information, etc coming soon.

Also, check out the Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering on Facebook. This event has been successful for 5 years and will be taken over by our good friends at Cove Paranormal in 2016. Book signings, vendors tables, and more. At a Gettysburg Filed Hospital. Check it out on Facebook.

The GhostBreakers

This site is designed as informational for everyone who wants to know more about us and Paranormal Investigating as I see it based on my years of experience. Not just for those who think they may need help for what they are experiencing. We do examinations & investigations but we don't take all that are offered. However, we can put you in touch with an organization in your area if we feel it is warranted. 

The GhostBreakers have been around since 1936 in one form or another and is a Paranormal Examination team attempting to evolve for the 21st Century. The GhostBreakers are not ghost hunters nor de-bunkers. They are investigators by profession that have adapted their education and skills to formally investigate and research only high profile cases and documented reports dealing with the paranormal. The GhostBreakers have investigators in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

In addition to the founder having over 35 years of paranormal investigation experience both domestic and abroad, he is a retired detective with the U.S. armed forces. The GhostBreakers consists of present, former and retired police officers from local, state and federal levels, with over 70 years of combined investigative experience, and formal accredited investigative education that they have adapted to paranormal investigation.

The GhostBreakers is not a social club or entertainment enterprise. They are a serious research group that only accepts certain documented or high profile cases (anonymously). They do not advertise your case or their findings and all information is held in the strictest confidence.

They have an extensive albeit confidential client base. However, they are confident people will be more than satisfied after talking with them. Your case will be evaluated by the founder, and decided on by the group. Should it not fit the acceptance criteria, you will be referred to another investigative group in your area. You will not ever be just ignored or disregarded.

However, we don't want people to think we are either stuffy or arrogant.  Yes we are serious about what we do but we enjoy what we do and have fun at it often.

The tintype photos depicted on this site are genuine tintypes taken, produced & developed using authentic 1800's cameras, period clothing and props in the exact same manner used by photographers in the 1800's. The photos were taken in Gettysburg Pennsylvania by the world renowned photographer Rob Gibson who has done extensive authentic period still photography for TV & films. If you are in Gettysburg stop by his studio and see his work and the famous people he has photographed over the years. Matthew Brady would be proud of him.  

We also belong to a network of fellow investigative groups and can recommend groups in a persons respective area for swift response. GhostBreakers also understands that many people are reluctant to let strangers into their properties regardless of their haunting experiences. GhostBreakers also helps others by advising them on what they can do to help themselves. If this then proves insufficient, GhostBreakers can then set up a preliminary interview or contact another group for them.

We also suggest that people initially contact several organizations and interview each to see which best suits their individual problems or concerns. You would do this if you were looking for a contractor to do work for you. This is no different. In our professional lives we have come across many who are less than honest. We also know that there are a lot of good groups out there. We just suggest you do your homework as you would for anyone you would hire.

    Once again... Note:
The GhostBreakers site is in dire need of updating as stated. We would like it to take place all at once so we are changing and adding some areas. Don't get alarmed if you don't see some things for a while. There will also be new pages added before the content. So please bear with us.  


 You can see some of my true stories on this site and here:

and in many other publications...

Another of my stories will be out in August in a book by Annie Wilder called Trucker Ghost Stories. 

Here is the official book cover to look for

Now a little about us...

The GhostBreakers



Our Group

    A little history about GhostBreakers.

The name and moniker of the GhostBreakers has been around for near 100 years as far as I can tell. The actual name has been in the Public Domain for almost as long. It was actually a play written in 1913 and performed on stage for 3 months, having 72 performances but bad reviews. Now it's almost 100 years later it is still alive and well.

The  photo below is from the book that I own and I own two of the original photos taken of the play below. 


 The photo below is the photo the picture in the book was taken from.


The Play was also adapted for a book in 1915 of which I also own original copies.


The name was also adapted and used for short stories and comic books over the years.

As far as our use of the name. There is a little history there too.
While cleaning out my Grandmother's home after she passed on. Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, we found from hand written accounts of her exploits that she was a student of the paranormal and had adopted the name for her studies in 1930's. Long before the popular movie. Then she began calling her little group the Ghost Breakers (after the play) around 1936 I think. So not having a name for my little group, I kept the name for myself. I had begun studying years before and I had started  my little group in 1976. In the late 90's as my sons were now older and showed an equal enthusiasm for the paranormal.  I decided to combined the two words and then officially formed the group and website you see today. 

    However, you and others may remember that the name was made popular in 1940 by the movie staring Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard and Willie Best. 


The Dickey and Goddard play The Ghost Breaker was filmed twice previously by Paramount. It was first made in 1914 by Cecil B. DeMille, with stars H.B. Warner and Rita Stanwood, and again in 1922 starring Wallace Reid and Lila Lee. Both of the silent films are presumed lost.
The Ghost Breakers, was also the inspiration to Walt Disney for his Haunted Mansion attraction

 and the Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, Pa. (below) was the inspiration for the design. We have visited both many times.

Our investigation credo is:


There is no substitute for experience

And no Wisdom with out it

(quote: Kim Kowalczyk 1953 - )

Although we may not follow all the traditional beliefs of other Ghost Hunters etc., we do respect their beliefs and methods and always welcome input or constructive criticism. Believers and skeptics alike. We must remember to separate the Skeptics and Non-believers into separate categories. The definition of a skeptic is: A person not easily persuaded or convinced; doubting and questioning. Non-believers are a different category altogether. They are unwavering in their non-beliefs. Remember the saying...

We are not trying to change anyone's mind or beliefs. We are just expressing our beliefs, and methods and ours may be a little different from time to time. Being different is what makes things interesting anyway. 

The explanations of our methods, beliefs, why and how we have broken with tradition, will be discussed and better understood while reading this site. (Well, I hope so) But, if it isn't, send us an email.  Some of it may not seem correct to those who are closed minded. Those who are open minded will find us, maybe, a little interesting.  This next statement is meant for all Paranormal Investigators. There are a select few that don't agree with my following saying but if you read into it you will understand it's meaning. If not? Contact us and we will tell you,  Now, read it, Understand it and you will know why we all keep going...


Our Motto:

"Rather Be Than Seem"

It is Kims old Military School Motto.

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