Belfast Hotel Invest

The Cafe' Del Mar

This is the Old Belfast Hotel in Belfast Pennsylvania...
The building is located on Pensylvania's famous Sullivan Trail. Not far off the Belfast Exit on PA route # 33.  I began my journey at 5am and took the 2+ hour drive to Pa. for the investigation on a chilly  weekend in November. The Old Hotel is now a restuarant named the Cafe' Del Mar and is owned by a nice gentleman named Miguel. It was previously the Belfast Hotel many, many years ago.  We arrived early, long before anyone was there to take some integrity shots of the outside. 

  Originally built in the 1800's, it was a previous Old train stop, Hotel, Brothel among other things thru the years. It is still surrounded by buildings of the same era. There have been documented deaths in the building also over the years. The most recent being a suicide with a shotgun some years ago. Only the 1st floor has been restored and is used as a restaurant & bar theses days.



  The rest is very old, dusty, in need of repair and no electric or heat above the 2nd floor.  
    According to the staff, a spirit they have named ED, frequently causes  a quick turn and raised eyebrow.  The owner, Miguel, has said that although he has never had an experience, he admits that he believes the stories associated with this old hotel. 
        We ate dinner in the restaurant and the welcome we received by the owner, staff and patrons was  the best to date. The resturant is mostly all original, with old pictures of the Hotel and surrounding historical buildings. Dinner and the food was great and I would recommend it to anyone. After dinner we accompanied the staff for a tour of the building and shared what we were about to do. The owner came to us at closing and said here are the keys, lock up when you leave. Now that is trust.
    The building is large with many rooms. We did an integrity walk thru for safety reasons first. Then we set up the equipment at the end of the hallway on the second floor.

The building was then locked up and the alarm system turned on. This way we were assured of who was in the building and no one could leave or enter without the alarm going off. Then each group was assigned a floor to investigate. After each completed their respective areas the teams switched areas. This way each group gets to search the entire building and it also gives overlapping coverage of the entire building.
    This building was very interesting to say the least. One room had a fire in it at some point. The funny thing was that although the fire was hot enough to blister the paint on the door, 

and it charred the door frame, and covered the entire room with soot. It was contained only to the room even though there is an archway to another room.  There was no fire, charring or even soot in the other room??? One other strange item was the chimney's in the attic. Why were they built like this? 
One perfect.  

The other like this...   Strange to say the least!

    Well, the night went fine. We all had a good time but I was very tired since I was up since 5am that morning. We looked in every nook and cranny. Found very old photos of people, and surrounding buildings from 100 years ago or so. We also came across multitudes of orbs for those who believe in them... 

    As you can see, on this investigation we were joined by a few potential members. They are a local police officer, former area corrections officer & a friend of the family, who have shown an interest in joining our group in the past. I was pleasantly surprised at their seriousness and willingness to lend their professionalism to the case.  We will get their reaction to their first investigation and if they would like to join the team, we will gladly welcome J.T, Becky & Dan.   So you may soon see them on our bio page.
     The new people (J.T., Becky and Dan worked hard, set up equipment & I believe enjoyed themselves and did well. They took video and audio recordings of their own too.    J.T. also manned the equipment & monitor for a while.)  

    Well, now for all the long hours of going over video and sound recordings. If we come up with something significant we will re-investigate. If not we will eat dinner again.   

As of this writing J.T. & Becky have been added as full time investigators. See their bios. 

     Be sure to check back as we have been invited to do a small town and now a Hotel in the Poconos.

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