Lizzie Borden Investigation


I decided to re-investigate the Lizzie Borden murder case as a pastime. In doing so I have found things that made me suspect a paranormal link to the case. I will share it here. Please be patient as I do this myself and may take a while. Please keep checking back from time to time. Here is a little tid bit to keep you interested. Most people are at least somewhat familiar with the Lizzie Borden case but, did YOU know of the other 2 Borden murders????

This is what the Borden house looked like in 1892 at the time of Andrew and Abby's murder.

Below, In this one story house next door, other murders occured relating to the Bordens.

In 1848 the murders of 2 children and a suicide by their mother occured.  Her name was Eliza Darling Borden. She was the wife of Ladowick Borden who would be Lizzie's great Uncle.  Then 44 years later the grizzly murders of Andrew and Abby would be committed next door.


Normal coincidence or Paranormal coincidence? There is even rumors that the ghosts of the 2 children haunt Lizzie's old home.

My personal investigation of the criminal case leans me toward the fact that Lizzie was instrumental in the deaths but did not act alone. As more information comes available I will post it.


 More to come

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