Nazareth Investigation

Investigation of a private residence in Nazareth Pennsylvania.

This investigation took place some time ago but for concerns for the owner we didn't publish any information.  We recently obtained a request to return.

The investigation began like any other investigation with a few exceptions. As the story goes, the owner grew up in the home with his grandparents, mother and siblings. generations since it was built in the early 1900's.

He always had an uneasy feeling while there but could never put his finger on it. As things would have it, he grew up and his grandparents passed away. His mother needed supervised care in her later years, so she moved in with him and he started getting the house ready for sale.

The owner began having more defined experiences besides the uneasiness. It so bothered him that he refused to enter the home alone after dark. He even refused to enter with us unless he had 2 friends with him. He needed familiar faces. We entered to set up equipment and immediately began experiencing lights going on and off. We found that interesting but could not find a reason for it.  We noticed crosses in most rooms.

We also witnessed the basement door open by itself a few times. We tried dismissing it as pressure on the floor while walking by causing it to open. But experimenting by trying to do it purposely didn't give us any results.

EVP sessions revealed little more than unexplained rustling  of clothing on the second floor in a room at the end of a hall.

Photos revealed little more than an orb or two but with our multi-camera outfit we can dismiss them as dust.

We packed up after many hours and the owner wishing to wrap it up as he felt increasingly uneasy.

We let him know that we would be in contact soon with our findings if any and would like to set up continuing experiments. He agreed. As we exited the home the owner looked physically relieved that he was out of the building.

A few days later we were contacted and told that we would have to wait some time before going back. The owner was shaken up over the whole incident and attributed a personal tragedy to our investigation. The owners, 30 year old brother, died the day after our investigation, of NON-Prior condition natural causes. Basically just dieing for no apparent reason. Due to his feelings about the whole incident we said to let us know when or if he became better. He apparently has come to terms with his brothers death and has invited us back to find answers.

The continuing Investigation to follow in the not too distant future.





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